Does God exist?

When I was a young man I undertook an independent (uninformed) study of evolution that lasted over 40 years. Eventually I discovered that God exists.

I don’t expect anyone to take my word for this. Furthermore, I don’t want anyone to take my word for it. Never take anyone’s word for anything. THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Later there will be much more to say, but for now please think about this hypothetical situation: It is one second before the universe is somehow created, say the Big Bang. Nothing exists, but it is possible for the concept of a lake to exist. It is possible for the concept of a tree to exist. It is possible for the concept of a man to exist. Do you agree?

Is it also possible for the concept of a woman to exist? Because there cannot be a concept of “woman” unless there is also the concept of “man”, and that implies gender, which is the basis of selective reproduction and, hence, evolution. This idea of one concept depending on another concept implies intelligence. My conclusion is that cross-fertilization, aka sex, is indicative of design, so evolution was written.

It is a jump to say that Evolution was written by God — we could, after all, be living in software written by someone in a civilization on a planet much more advanced than ours. But my personal experiences and thought have convinced me that God does exist, and that she wrote the Laws of Science, a concept that was proposed by Einstein, himself.

Now each of you can think about it and make your own decisions. A lot of this will become clearer later, I hope, if I decide to continue this blog.

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