On transgenderism

One good thing that is happening in the world today is that men-who-love-men and women-who-love-women are gaining societal recognition that they have human qualities after all. It seems strange to tell someone else whom to love and it happens constantly. Humans are slow learners, but we’re making progress.

The next frontier is Transgenderism, and it’s a biggie. It’s easy to freak out, like when you see J. Edgar Hoover in a tutu or Bruce Jenner in an ill-fitting dress. They look ridiculous! The standard reaction is, “Something is wrong with them! They are deviant! What kind of boy would want to be a girl?” That’s just a reaction, so if you had it, don’t worry — it wasn’t a sin.

After your instinctive reaction, though, your brain is suppose to kick in and produce an appropriate response. Unfortunately, talking about sex in this country is frowned upon (think of the children!), so we don’t have many facts about transgenderism — we haven’t even studied it. Here are a few facts.

All of us have two components: Body and Soul. Some people think of themselves as body and mind, but that isn’t correct. Your mind is just part of your body and it will just as quickly turn to dust when you die. Your soul is your identity. It is the person you were born as; It is your instincts; it is the YOU inside of you.

Your SOUL is who you ARE and your body is where your soul resides.

A transgender person such as Bruce Jenner is a female soul living her life inside a male body, replete with testosterone, etc. Bruce Jenner was a man’s man with feminine instincts, such as the desire to nurture and love, but have to hide that kind of thing in Guy World, because other guys have testosterone, too. There is constant competitive stress and a significant lack of understanding of human physiology. Guys are terrified to death of not being macho enough.

Think about it… do you think Bruce Jenner wanted to say on TV that he’s a girl? That is GROUND ZERO in guy world, but he did it to help other trans people (who could certainly use the help).

A significant difference between gay in trans is that Gay can be cured and Trans cannot. Gay has nothing wrong with it, so it is cured by social acceptance. Trans is a genetic error and drugs and surgery and even social acceptance can only do so much. As people living in bodies that don’t match their gender, trans people suffer horribly and constantly. Even after social acceptance, which is beginning to happen, they will still feel the pain of not being complet. Transgenderism is one of the WORST birth defects that a person can have.

We know our initial reaction is ICK, even though trans people see both sides of the gender issue and as a result are generally loving and kind to all! Our appropriate response is LOVE.

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