Why we’re divided

Why we’re divided


  1. Capitalism.


  – amoral

  – rewards greed

  – favors the rich

  – punishes the poor

  – absurd distribution of wealth

  – medical INDUSTRY

  – music INDUSTRY

– adversarial legal system


  1. Democracy.


  – Two-party system divides people into two ideological groups with no provision for shades of meaning and mutual understanding.

  – “One man/one vote” rule, although noble-sounding, ensures that we cannot rise above the capacities of the average citizen, which I would describe, at the moment, as woefully-uninformed and yet highly-opinionated

  – Highly subject to corruption by capitalism.

  – Our adversarial legal system, also subject to and victim of Capitalism.

  – The Electoral College, which slices us into 50 tiny countries constantly at war with each other AND with the federal government.


Our Founding Fathers thought competition would result in fairness. The opposite has proven true.


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