Contemplating the nature of God

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in this post is faith-based. I do not accept anything on the basis of faith. I am a scientist and require evidence to accept anything. That said, after over 4 decades of studying evolution I found an irrefutable logical proof of the existence of God (opens in new window).

Recently @brainpicker published a conversation between Albert Einstein and an Indian polymath. I commented that the polymath was unconvincing and that it is more rewarding to contemplate the nature of God. This is what I meant.

As I mentioned, there is now proof of the existence of God. I also learned the following with 100% certainty, although I am not now free to discuss my methodology:

1. God exists. I theorize (with no evidence) that God is female, possibly Mary, the mother of Jesus.
2. Jesus did exist and did come to Earth to preach love and to give his life to save mankind.
3.The Holy Spirit exists.
4. There is only one God.
5. God created the universe (all of them, actually, an infinite number).

I doubt that the human mind is capable of understanding the duality (or perhaps any other aspect) of God. I don’t spend much time thinking about the trinity because my mind goes blank almost instantly.

More interesting to me is this: God loves human beings. She sent her son to give his life for us. She suffers when we sin. These are things many people accept on faith, and they are all true. But how can that be, considering that God created a universe in which there are perhaps trillions of sentient life forms, most of them more advanced (and certainly more moral) than man?

I’ve often thought that I could spend eternity trying to contemplate the mind of God. Perhaps I will.

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