The meaning of life — guaranteed.

Since I’m no longer going to attempt to post something substantive on Twitter and since I not blogging anymore, I want to end up with something that might prove useful to some people — the meaning of life. Surely everyone who reads this will be skeptical, and you should be. Doubt everything and decide for yourselves. But I can tell you that what I’m going to say IS the meaning of life. Guaranteed.

I’m not religious. In fact, I’m anti-religion. But through the study of science I found a logical proof that God exists. Before you react with whatever happens to be your usual reaction to that statement, ask yourself this — why not? I’m not going to argue the point here… read the blog, if you wish. It’s simple.

I don’t think any human has a brain capable of understanding what God is, but he or she created the Universe by means of the Big Bang. A long time after that evolution began on Earth, and evolution created humans.

Please note that God did not create us. Evolution did. God created evolution. That’s an important distinction.

God not only loves, but also he IS love. When we feel love, we are feeling the presence of God inside us. Love makes the world go around and it ensures that there will always be people to carry on and evolve further. It is our job in life to protect the love we have and to create new love wherever possible — something we do by showing kindness to others. It is the One Commandment and the same lesson that Jesus (yes, He was real) taught: Love thy neighbor. Regina Spektor describes it beautifully in “On The Radio”:


I asked God over-and-over in prayer, “Why must we suffer so much?”, and one night the answer came to me as if spoken: “To learn who you are.” Did we accept Love, the greatest and most rewarding thing in human existence, or did we reject it? That is the question and the test.

Make NO mistake about this: we are on Earth being tested to see if we have evolved well enough and created enough love to be worthy of being with God in heaven. It is the oldest hope in the world, and it just happens to be true. We were born to love and all of humanity depends on that. Some of us will be keeping company God’s very human and wonderfully loving manifestation — and others of us will not.

What about you?

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